Student Interview#2: Leticia Estrada

Leticia is 18 years old she is a Kinesiolgoy major. She works on campus as an escort. In her free time she like to play sports like volleyball, soccer, and softball. Pretty much do anything active. In high school she used to be on a softball team. She lived in Orange County but now she lives in La Habra. Her favorite color is pink and she has 6 dogs and a parrot.



Artists #2: Patricia Anderson

Patricia is an artist who’s art is a form of Russian Constructivism or cubism. She states that she love working with wood and making 3D art projects.Patricia attended Oxford and Cypress High School. She gets inspiration for her artwork from her Orange county neighborhood. In the future she hopes to go to Graduate school and become an Independent artist. Another interest of Patricia is to teach as well as create new artwork. Overall Patricia’s art is very unique she uses different textures such as wood and metal and incorporates various colors.

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Student Interview#1: Daniela Gabriel

Daniela’s mom is from Mexico and her dad is Guatemalan. She lives in Downey, she moves around a lot.When she was in high school she had to move her junior year and go to a different high school. It was really was really hard for her to move around and have to start a new life over again. She is a freshman at CSULB and a child development major. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, being outdoors and being around nature, and just being active. Daniela also stated she enjoys drawing, pint rest, and watching triller/scary movies. A couple things we have in common is that we both want to be more creative and draw, also we are against sea world.


Artist #1: Meghan Smythe

Meghan is an artist in the Ceramics Art Program. She is 29 years old and studied at Alfred University in upstate new York. Meghan has been an artist for over 10 years. She explains that her sculptors represent life and death and are also inspired by personal relationships and history. When asked why she likes ceramic art Meghan states,” I like ceramic art because its more physical and hands on; you can do anything you want with it”Meghan collection is one of a kind and must see.

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