Artist #3 Jazmine Urrea

Jazmine has been doing art since she was in high school. That is six years now, her junior year of high school was the her most important year to starting her art career. For her art she she bought all the candy in bulk two and a half weeks before she started. She also got some of the stuff donated for example the french fry cartons were donated from Mc Donald’s. The total cost for the candy was around $700.00. The name of the art is called Bombom it means marshmallow. The purpose of the art was that she wanted people to be enclosed by her candy thats why her video is on a 3min loop. The video is of her being stuffed and thrown at with candy it is a little disturbing but it really does make you feel like your being affected and enclosed by the candy. Jazmine even stated that while filming the video she actually threw up. Jazmine’s inspiration to creating the Bombom art piece was her younger sister, her sister struggles with her weight so really wanted people to be affected by the candy in order to promote healthy eating habits. The hardest part of creating this piece was glueing all of the candy and being burned by the hot glue, also spending so much time trying to get it done and not sleeping






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