Artists #5: Megan Kinney

Megan’s major is drawing and painting pfa. She grew up in Michigan then moved tho California when she was 15 years old. When Megan moved to California she lived near Joshua tree and states that it is why her inspiration is nature and nature scenes. She decided to go to CSULB because she heard that it had a really great art program. Megan focused on her painting everything she does is related to her art, she goes on nature walks and she started including the female form in the process of her paintings. She said that she just started to do that and that although she doesn’t have a favorite piece the process of the female form is her favorite process to start out with because it is something new she tired and also she likes that it is camouflaged into a bigger painting. Megan’s art process starts off by her drawing and with collages to help pic what colors she’s going to use hand then she spends one week studying what she is going to paint then she starts painting and puts a lot of thought before painting figures. Megan claimed she has always loved art, coloring, and drawing ever since she was young and after graduating she plans on going to grad school and working on her portfolio.IMG_5605IMG_5606

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