Artist #6: Catherine Vu

Catherine is 24 years old and is a 4th year at CSULB. She is vietnamese and is a photography major. For her art work she took a picture of what she wore and ate that day. Catherine said that she spent 3 months of taking picture and claimed that her project changed over time. She stated that certain memories triggered certain parts of her work. Catherine’s inspiration for her work was social media such as Instagram. Her hobbies are searching and browsing throughout the internet. Overall, Catherine work spanned a year but she only took photos for the first three months and she stated that she wanted to add more photos and do more things but her photos and project changed and evolved over time and she liked that it did change because you can’t plan out your art it just has to happen with life. One thing I personally was upset about was that she seemed like she didn’t care to answer some of my and fellow classmates questions. Even when she did answer she would ask another question for the question and get mad if you didn’t know the answer.



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