Student Interview #10: Jerry Perez

Jerry is 18 years old. He is a freshman at CSULB and is a film major. Jerry stated that he thought school was easy but after taking harder classes he now thinks its difficult. He also stated that he wants to be a cinema photographer because he took classes in high school and he really liked it. His hobbies include skating, buying food, playing soccer and going to venice. Jerry lives in Cerritos and commutes to school everyday. Originally, Jerry was a civil engineering major but changed to film. He has 1 older sister and 1 older brother and 1 younger brother. He states that his parents spoil his younger brother. Jerry also stated that he has 1 dog.



Artist Interview #10: Audra Graziano

Audra was in Massachusetts but later moved to New York. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She states that each painting generates from the other and that it gives her a starting point for the next one. When she paints she claims that she a paints and then keeps painting over it numerous times. When Audra paint she either like it to be quiet or she plays the same song over and over again. When asked when she knew she wanted to be painter she stated that she has been painting for as long as she could remember and that she always knew it was something that she wanted to do. Audra also said that she actually teaches a painting class here and that to her each color that she uses to paint has a different effect on people. Her dream is to make a living off of her art and keep teaching as well. She stated that her teachers really encouraged her and she loves that because it helped her pursue what she wanted to do and it also made her confident in her art. Audra is influences and looks up to artist such as Richter and other German expressionists artist, and contemporary painters. IMG_5823 IMG_5824

Paint Activity

For this activity we had to go the the Venice art walls and spray paint on them and try to make it like graffiti. I liked this activity but it was really hard for me to go to Venice its is far from where I lived so it was just a struggle getting there. I also thought spray painting on the wall would be easy but it was really hard. As I was painting I felt bad because I was painting over art that was really good compared to my first time art that looked like a baby drew it. (lol) Overall, it was a very cool and different activity and it was also really fun exploring Venice.

27823240 aguilar-alejandro-p11-06

Student Interview #9: Ida Bohlin

Ida is 23 years old she is an exchange student from Sweden. She is a business major but wants to do Marketing. In the future she wants to open up her own business. In 10 years she would like to be married, have kids, be successful, and just be happy with her life. In her free time Ida likes to workout, go to the beach, travel, and hangout with friends. After talking to Ida I found out that she lived in Turkey and was a tour guide there I thought that was so funny because I’m Turkish and visit Turkey often. Ida also told me great places to visit when I travel to Sweden one day hopefully and also in Spain. ida pic

Artist Interview #9: Don Tinling

Don is currently getting his BFA in photography at CSULB. Before attending CSULB he went to Santa Monica College. He stated that he had taken the photos in the video in 1997 before social media was popular. He also stated that he was in Berlin for an exhibit and that some of the photos were taken there as well. After watching a video he had on display I asked him who the video was about and he stated that it was about him. He had a diseases called CMV. Don stated that he also used his own blood for the display. Although there was a challenge that came with using his own blood, he said that he had to write an essay to have the blood on the wall because the school was against having bloody fluids on display. For the display he also had to put up biohazard warnings to warn people that it was real blood. Don stated that the hardest part of getting to blood to be on display was the fact that it took about 6 weeks of emailing and writing back and forth to finally get it done. Don states, ” as an artist your going to meet some challenges and that is what makes people think differently and is what college is supposed to do.” He also explained that the blanket in his display was for People that have died of HIV. It symbolizes that if he died he would also have a blanket made. Overall, Don was my favorite artist he was so informing and really wanted the student to leave with knowledge and a different perspective! IMG_5776 IMG_5777

Drawing Activity

For this activity we had to draw our name out in block/bubble letters. I thought I was going to be really good at this activity because when I was in middle school I used to always write in block letters, but I noticed that it took me a couple tries to get it the way i wanted it because I haven’t done it in so long that I actually was really bad at it. However, after I did it a couple times I got back into the routine. Overall, this activity was pretty easy but I didn’t really like it because I didn’t really think it was really artsy.


Student Interview #8: Jenny Ing

Jenny is a second year at CSULB. She is a health care administration major. In her free time Jenny enjoys to cook, hangout with friends, and likes cars.  Before taking this class she thought that it was going to teach how to draw and paint. Her favorite type of food is italian and if there was one place she could go it would be Greece. Jenny is also Cambodian and has 5 siblings, she has 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers. She also stated that he works at an after school program with little kids and that she currently lives in Long Beach. Jenny went to Wilson High School before attending CSULB. A couple interesting facts about Jenny is that she doesn’t know how to swim, she played badminton her freshman year of high school, and that her favorite season is winter.  jenny ing pic

Artist Interview #8: Nora Ayala

Nora is 26 years old and is doing the graduate program at CSULB. Her major is print making BFA in textiles. She is originally from a small town. Before attending CSULB Nora went to La Sierra University in Riverside. For her artwork she was really interested in people and wanted to do art where people were involved. Nora stated that she started with the portrait of her an her dog and after she moved away from home she started thinking about the absence of people that is why she starting making portraits of pictures because its is something you can always have. The process to make the portraits started out by Nora blowing up the picture she wants to use then traces the photo and finally outlines everything. In the future Nora stated that she want to teach and open up her own print shop but wants to open it up in medicine.IMG_5768IMG_5769IMG_5770

Plaster Casting

For this activity we had to go to the beach and get a cast of either our arm, hand,leg or anything we wanted. I have never done a plaster casting so I really liked this activity. I also really loved it because we got to go to the beach. I absolutely love the beach. Although I didn’t get to go during class time I went with my boyfriend and went to Huntington Beach because I live there so it was close. Unfortunately, my plaster casting of my hand didn’t work out so well. I think i might of took it out too early because it broke, but I would defiantly try it out again. huntington-beach-california-5806_1 20140319-121243

Student Interview#7: Suzie Hatsue Nakamura

Suzie is 22 years old. She is a Senior at CSULB and is originally from Japan. She is a marketing major and hopes to find a job soon after she graduates. Suzie stated that she first moved to Canada and attended High School there after she later moved to Philadelphia for college. However, she didn’t like it there so she decided to moved to California and attend college there. When I asked what was her favorite place to live she stated that she loved California because of the weather. Suzie said that Canada was depressing because it would always snow. She also, told me that she loves living in California but she misses Japan because her dad still lives there and she misses him. Her mom however moved with her to California so she wasn’t alone and to pursue her own career of dance. Suzie tries to visit Japan every summer but she is not always able to because it is so expensive. Some of her hobbies art going to concerts and shows. Her favorite genre of music is hip