For this weeks activity I had to create an avatar and explore the second life. While exploring I couldn’t believe how cool it was I have never been on a second life before and seeing CSULB in virtual form was probably the coolest thing ever. After exploring the realm I had to interview an artist while exploring I found this cool area with a bunch of pictures hanging in a dome and colorful lights. That is where I found the artist Vanessa Baylock. Vanessa is actually the creator of the dome with all the lights and pictures. I thought that it was so extraordinary! She also stated how most people need to have their art in galleries and museum in order to full successful, however Vanessa goes against this norm stating that what ever you do in the world is good and you don’t need to back up your work. As long as your happy with your work thats all the matters. Overall, I thought this activity was really interesting and different I liked how out of the box it was. 

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