Student Interview#7: Suzie Hatsue Nakamura

Suzie is 22 years old. She is a Senior at CSULB and is originally from Japan. She is a marketing major and hopes to find a job soon after she graduates. Suzie stated that she first moved to Canada and attended High School there after she later moved to Philadelphia for college. However, she didn’t like it there so she decided to moved to California and attend college there. When I asked what was her favorite place to live she stated that she loved California because of the weather. Suzie said that Canada was depressing because it would always snow. She also, told me that she loves living in California but she misses Japan because her dad still lives there and she misses him. Her mom however moved with her to California so she wasn’t alone and to pursue her own career of dance. Suzie tries to visit Japan every summer but she is not always able to because it is so expensive. Some of her hobbies art going to concerts and shows. Her favorite genre of music is hip

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