Artist Interview #9: Don Tinling

Don is currently getting his BFA in photography at CSULB. Before attending CSULB he went to Santa Monica College. He stated that he had taken the photos in the video in 1997 before social media was popular. He also stated that he was in Berlin for an exhibit and that some of the photos were taken there as well. After watching a video he had on display I asked him who the video was about and he stated that it was about him. He had a diseases called CMV. Don stated that he also used his own blood for the display. Although there was a challenge that came with using his own blood, he said that he had to write an essay to have the blood on the wall because the school was against having bloody fluids on display. For the display he also had to put up biohazard warnings to warn people that it was real blood. Don stated that the hardest part of getting to blood to be on display was the fact that it took about 6 weeks of emailing and writing back and forth to finally get it done. Don states, ” as an artist your going to meet some challenges and that is what makes people think differently and is what college is supposed to do.” He also explained that the blanket in his display was for People that have died of HIV. It symbolizes that if he died he would also have a blanket made. Overall, Don was my favorite artist he was so informing and really wanted the student to leave with knowledge and a different perspective! IMG_5776 IMG_5777

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