Artist Interview #10: Audra Graziano

Audra was in Massachusetts but later moved to New York. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She states that each painting generates from the other and that it gives her a starting point for the next one. When she paints she claims that she a paints and then keeps painting over it numerous times. When Audra paint she either like it to be quiet or she plays the same song over and over again. When asked when she knew she wanted to be painter she stated that she has been painting for as long as she could remember and that she always knew it was something that she wanted to do. Audra also said that she actually teaches a painting class here and that to her each color that she uses to paint has a different effect on people. Her dream is to make a living off of her art and keep teaching as well. She stated that her teachers really encouraged her and she loves that because it helped her pursue what she wanted to do and it also made her confident in her art. Audra is influences and looks up to artist such as Richter and other German expressionists artist, and contemporary painters. IMG_5823 IMG_5824

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