Student Interview#13: Daniel Hogue

Daniel lives in Huntington Beach and is 18 years old. He is a freshman at CSULB and is an undeclared major. He stated that he is leaning toward kinesiolgoy major because he wants to be a Chiropractor. Daniel’s hobbies include playing basketball, and hanging out with friends. He has 2 pit bulls named Mystique and Thor. Daniels favorite food is steak he says that he loves meat and couldn’t imagine being a vegetarian. When asked what he saw himself doing in 10 years he stated that he doesn’t really know what he wants to do in the future he just wants to be happy. When asked why he took this class he said that he thought it was going to be an easy class so he just took it for the credit.IMG_5986


Artist Interview #13: Ronald Pagenkopp

Ronald is a 5th year at CSULB. He is currently getting his MBA in Illustration. Ronald currently lives in Huntington Beach but is originally from Downey. He goes to school at night and only takes 2 classes at a time because he works a lot at an animation company called Moonscoop. Ronald states that he has been drawing since he was very young and that his work is based on memorizes of people that he has had. His favorite thing to draw is figures and when he is working on his art he likes to listen to rock and roll. He states that he draws for 12-15 hours and then goes back to it later. His pieces in the gallery took him about 4 semesters to finish. In 10 years Ronald hopes to be doing what he is doing now but better.IMG_5984IMG_5983IMG_5982

Student Interview #12: Shane O’Connell

Shane is a freshman at CSULB. He is a business management major. Shane also told me that he is a triplet, he has 2 sisters. when he was younger shane used to move around a lot so he would always transfer to different schools, he went for seal beach to Los Al High School. Some of Shane’s hobbies include dirt bike riding, playing lacrosse. He also stated that he has his own business of making picture frames. He had made a frame for his mom and one of her friends fell in love and suggested that he start his own business so that is exactly what he did. Now his frames are being sold at local stores and in the future he hopes to either expanded his frame business or take over his dad’s company. securedownload-11

Artist Interview #12: Brenda Moron

Brenda recently attended CSULB before that she was an animation major. She is now getting her BFA in wood and says she love it here and she loves the program because its small and she gets better advice from professors. Brenda says that she always liked working with wood and making things. For her art she actually worked a group of people and they took wood from the trees at were cut down at CSULB and made a bench. The bench that they made is going to be with other projects and the judges are going to pick one to put in the school. She stated that the building they made the bench for recently doesn’t have any benches so they thought it would be a good idea to make one for there. Brenda is inspired by her dad who is in carpentry work. She sell her projects on a site called Etsy but in the future she hopes to open her own furniture store.IMG_5930 IMG_5931 IMG_5932 IMG_5933

P12 Project

For my P12 project I decided to make a slide show of photos of my sisters soccer game. I wanted her to have memories that she could keep forever. I used my friends professional camera and tried capturing all the important aspects of the game as well as many candid shots. I’m really excited for her to see the slide show and I hope she likes it. I never really took any pictures when I was younger and I’m really sad about it so I hope she appreciates this project. I also picked making a slide show because I wanted to try out photography so this was a really cook challenge for me to explore.


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Student Interview #11: Debra Zelaya

Debra is 19 years old. She is a second year at CSULB and is a nursing major. Her family is originally from El Salvador. Debra is also a vegetarian. When asked who her man crush is she responded with William Levi. Debra’s favorite genre of movies is comedy,romantic comedy, and action. Her favorite movie is a walk to remember. Debra has no pets but states that she wants a dog. She loves to go to amusement parks her favorite one is Six Flags. She has 4 sister and she is the middle child. Debra also really like to sing, go to the movies, hangout with friends, and listen to music.IMG_5908

Artist Interview #11: Riley Hansler

Riley is graduation from CSULB with a BFA in metals and jewelry making. He states that his inspiration is to find your own sense of value and he shows this by using bronze which looks like gold however it is not as valued as gold. Riley is currently starting his own online boutique. He states that he wants to get away from everything and live somewhere far away but near the cows. He wants to do that because he claims he wants to live a simple life. Some of his hobbies and interests include rock climbing,, surfing, tight rope and he likes to make/build things. He also has a boxer named mahi that he likes to spend time with. Riley enjoys working with inexpensive metals and he also worked with cold metals. He says that it is about the value and where it comes from. Some advice he gives is that you can be successful in anything your passionate about he states that he would rather do something that makes him happy then doing something just for the money.IMG_5910 IMG_5912 IMG_5913 IMG_5914

P11 Project

For my P11 project I decided to paint a picture. I have never painted and I’ve always wanted to try it so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me. I told Glen about my idea and he suggest I paint but add a twist to it. He told me about an artist named Jackson Pollock who did paintings on a large canvas on the ground. Pollocks was also the first person to invent this style of painting and he also did abstract expression and his style of drip art. So this is exactly what I did. I went and bought a huge canvas and laid it on my dinning room table (I couldn’t do it on the ground because my mom thought it would stain the carpet :/ ) then I got white paint and actually dyed the colors myself. I add powder dye left over from an earlier project and decided that it would be cool to make my own paint colors so thats exactly what I did. After mixing and making my own paint I went to work and did the same drip style painting just like Pollock but I added my own signature pieces of course (handprints, thick lines etc). Overall, I had a lot of fun painting and I defiantly see more paintings in the future.

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