Artist Interview#14: Khara Cloutier

Khara is getting her MFA in graphic design. She stated that it was her last year and the she was graduating this semester. She is originally from Austin, Texas and got her bachelors degrees from Texas State. She now lives in Long Beach and moved her for work. Khara is inspired by the city and LA county. She likes working with grid patterns because she thins that it is very graphic design to her and says that it goes with the city aspect.The challenging part for her is getting the idea that she wants on paper and just making it perfect and the best part is being successful at that. When you have an image in your head and you do it perfectly Khara states that it is the best feeling. Her goal in the future is to hopefully create more pieces and take that pieces from the gallery and make them wearable like make them into clothes.IMG_6195IMG_6196IMG_6197


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